Thursday, April 18, 2013


It have been years since i drop in to these blog. Maybe i had a lot of thing running around to my brain. So that is why i haven't spent much time writing here. 

To speed things up, Malaysia today are going to face a storm. The General Election are coming. And just another two more days to go before it really start. 

 But, for the time being the wind are blowing hard yet it feels so hot around here. Many things pops out every where you go. Story been told. Lie being the main attraction. 

 And there i am. Standing by the corner, watching and watching as those people pass by. To their mind, i'm just a nobody. Just a busy body being there when i should not have. 

 I'm here and i'll keep being here. If you choose to ignore me, i don't mind. Its your own Prerogative. You have your's and i have mine. That's what we call DEMOCRACY. 

So, i pray all the best to all the Politician's who's going to compete in this year GE13. Wish you all the best and hope for a Better Nation. May Allah lead you by His Guidance.

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